Business Organisation

Are you going to set up a new company and want to organise?

We are the ideal partner for you, we have helped many companies to rise and grow in the market!

Whichever your situation is, CapitalZone will do everything to provide you with the best monitoring at this new phase of your life.

From assisting you in choosing your business, to the financing and opening-day. Subsequently, through the accounting and consulting services, we monitor our customer so as to ensure the best path without the mistakes that usually occur when setting a business.

  • Are you unemployed?
  • Do you work as an employee, but want to change your life?
  • Are you an independent worker, but are dissatisfied with the course your business is taking?
  • You came up with the idea to open your own business or a new business, in case you already have one?

We have a working process based on our experience and know-how, that follows four phases of intervention and for which we set with you the best approach to achieve your goals.

We are ready for your challenge!

  • We analyse the POINT YOU ARE AT.
  • We determine which are the GOALS you want to achieve, by defining WHERE YOU INTEND TO ARRIVE.
  • We reorganise if necessary, we define the PATH we have to TAKE.
  • We put into practice the ACTIONS and STRATEGY MEASURES to achieve your GOALS.

With us you will be starting ahead of a “pile of problems” that arise in the beginning of activity of any project and that consume time, energy and resources, that must be focused in the business and in the sales. With us you will always know what to do!

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