Whether in the building of an individual or of a company, training is an essential factor, that is found in constant evolution and requires us to be updated at all times. Through Inova Business School – Business School, Capital Zone and Inova Consulting provide a broad spectrum of training programs, with a duration and current themes adequate to the needs of the companies that intend to have innovation as a corporate DNA.

Each training program uses teaching methodologies centred in the PBL (Problem Based Learning) in partnership with the University of California – Campus Riverside, with constantly updated content by the Search area and by referred teachers in their activity areas.

The training programs are divided in:

Executive MBA and Post-MBA with Unique Specialisations:
  •  Trends and Innovation;
  • Strategy, Digital Business and Social Media;
  • Creativity, Story Telling and Design Thinking;
  • Finance, People and Operations;
  • Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Branding and Communication.
In Company Lectures:
  • Future: Vision 2050;
  • Trends and Business Insights;
  • Design Thinking Action Lab;
  • Tools and Methodologies to know the Future and Trends;
  • Storytelling, Creativity, Lateral Thinking and Creative Triggering.

In Company Programs:

  • Trend’s Observatory;
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship;
  • Audit and Innovation Skills Development;
  • Branding;
  • Strategic Innovation;
  • Storytelling;
  • Creativity and Design thinking.

Specialised Masters:

  • Coolhunting and Trend’s Research;
  • Innovation and Strategic Innovation Management;
  • How to deliver presentations and Speak in Public.
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