The control of management and taxation within 5 minutes per day!

How to manage a business setting yourself free from administrative obstacles and by having control of the company, focusing on sales and its evolution!  One of the main problems in entrepreneurs when they initiate a new business or when they’re in plane activity is the effective control of its management and the accumulation of administrative [...]

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How to Delegate Tasks and Decisions

Many businessman and entrepreneurs think that they work too much. For each task that they finish in their list, 10 new ones come up, it’s a despair! If being an entrepreneur entails more responsibility, yes it’s true. If it implies more work in the first years, yes it is also true. Now, all of this [...]

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The Technician, the Manager and the Businessman

The story repeats itself, he was a great technician, with great capacity and knowledge, praised by the clients and everyone told him: -Why don’t you open your own company? And him, always with a thing for business aspiring to have a better life and specially to true self-realisation, threw himself into the market and created [...]

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In-class or Distance Training

The binomial Education and Training, are part of the same acquisition and renewal process of knowledge in contemporary societies, characterised, by the existence of fast paced technological changes and by the permanence of employees in the labour market, for a longer number of years. The ongoing requirements turn the acquisition knowledge in an important competitive [...]

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