Many businessman and entrepreneurs think that they work too much. For each task that they finish in their list, 10 new ones come up, it’s a despair!

If being an entrepreneur entails more responsibility, yes it’s true. If it implies more work in the first years, yes it is also true. Now, all of this forever? No, it can’t be true. Otherwise, my little treasure work from 09h to 18h!

Why do we try so hard and it seems like each time we have to try harder? Maybe because we centralise the tasks too much, no?

Then there still is a real setback, it’s that we get caught up in the tasks, on what should be done, in the financial department, in marketing and in the administrative area and we can’t develop the business, there’s no time!

Well, here goes a few tips to organise your time, to dedicate your thinking to the business and on gaining more clients.





High Medium Low
Medium 4 3
Low 2 1
  • Time Study

-List all the daily activities – Take a paper and write down everything you do in the company, all of it! Then list the activities, 1, 2, 3…

-Classify the activities in terms of necessary skills to concretise. Write in front of each if it needs a lot of skills (high), if reasonable (medium) or few (low);

-Classify the activities in terms of interest or importance in concluding them. Write in front of them if it is important (high), relatively important (medium) or little important (low). ATTENTION, IT SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED IN TERMS OF IMPORTANCE AND NOT URGENCY! IT’S THAT NOWADAYS EVERYTHING IS URGENT, EVERYONE HAS URGENCIES, EVEN THE TINIEST THING.

  • Now that everything is listed, take the matrix I’ve offered you above and write the number of tasks in each square of the matrix, according to the skills and importance of each. ALL OF THOSE THAT ARE UNDER THE MEDIUM OR LOW SECTORS MUST BE DELEGATED!

To delegate, you must register the task, meaning, you have to write what is necessary to do in each task that is located in:

  • Low/Low (1)
  • Medium/Low (2)
  • Low/Medium (3)
  • Medium/Medium (4)

You don’t need to do them all at the same time, save a part of the day for this important activity, because it will make your company evolve and you will have a higher quality of life.

-Right after writing, ask someone to execute the task.

If the person needs explanations to do it, re-write it so that you can avoid further explanations. (It’s because it wasn’t clear enough).

But writing everything down is a lot of work isn’t it?

 So let’s recur to the video camera, it can be the one on your smartphone! Instead of writing, record everything and as you film explain what you’re doing. Attention! Aim the camera to the task you’re working on. This way you will have a video manual and whoever comes to do this task will have an easier job doing it!

This information will be useful to form a manual of procedures with the way of doing things in your company.

  • Now you will have to allocate the tasks to someone from the staff or recur to outsourcing. If you have a team, pass it to them, decide who does what. If you don’t have a team you must recur to external companies or people.
  • After allocating the tasks, you must create a good follow up system. If you don’t do it, you will never know what was done or if it was done, nor you’ll know where you stand. Nowadays nothing works without a Follow up!

Now let’s move on to the delegation of decisions:

-List all the decisions that are taken daily

-Then you will determine what are the decisions that can be taken by other employees and give them authority to decide according to criteria and value.


That’s it, at the end of the day you managed to put everyone working for you, you can control each of everyone else’s tasks with a critical eye and correct some tasks that are not properly done and leave to you the important part.

I hope I have helped, if you want know more contact me.